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U.S. reiterates opposition to 'Tibet independence'

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary John Norris said here Monday that Tibet is part of China and the United States does not support "Tibet independence."

Tibet's input and output value total 700 mln U.S. dollars

The input and output trade of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have maintained rapid growth this year, totaling 700 million U.S. dollars, up by 75% than previous year.

Beautiful scenery at Mapham Yutso

by: kristen zhang | 15:03

Mapham Yutso is 35 km away to the east of Pulan County of Ngari Prefecture.
Beautiful scenery at Mapham Yutso

HK students visit Tibet Middle School in Jinan, Shandong

by: kristen zhang | 14:47

Hundreds of college students from Hong Kong paid an exchange visit to Jinan Tibet Middle School in Shandong province on Dec. 25.
HK students visit Tibet Middle School in Jinan, Shandong

Tibetan shop

by: Mirenda Wu | 10:27

Some Tibetan kids do their shopping at a tousy Tibetan shop.
Tibetan shop
  • Dama Festival in Gyangze
  • Beef and mutton enjoy big sales in peak season
  • Tibet takes measures to rein in price hike
  • Touching moments through lens
  • Tibet honors "Top 10 Grassroots Party Units"

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Lesson Six: Family

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to Learning Tibetan. In this lesson, we will learn some new words and sentences about family.
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  • Lhasa: , Sunny, 9℃/-7℃
  • Nagqu:, Sunny, -1℃/-18℃
  • Shigatse:, Sunny, 10℃/-11℃
  • Lhoka: , Sunny, 9℃/-8℃
  • Ngari: , Sunny, 4℃/-13℃
  • Chamdo:, Cloudy, 7℃/-12℃
  • Nyingchi:, Cloudy, 11℃/-7℃
  • Vote
  • December 28, 1958: Tibet People's Broadcasting Station began its trial operation for the first time.
  • 财神布禄金刚 :God of Wealth Jambhala
  • 查金曲 :Cha'gyain Qu
  • 大金寺(四川甘孜) :Dargye Monastery 大金寺,在西藏普兰,地处冈仁波齐西北,也作达尔庆贡:Darchen (dar-chen-dgon)
  • 金瓶掣签 :draw lot from the golden urn
  • 纳金(地名,拉萨郊区):Ngaqen / Ngachen
  • Tibetans in Other Provinces